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Ways Clutter Impacts Your Mental Health

Don't let this happen to you!!

Increased Stress Levels

Our home is a place where we can rest and relax; but, clutter can make that hard todo.

Difficulty Focusing

Clutter can actually be distracting. Our brains can only focus on a limited number of things at a time. So, if you're surrounded by clutter when you're trying to work from home, the clutter can actually make it harder for you to think clearly.


Research  shows  that  people  with  cluttered  homes  tend  to

procrastinate on important tasks.

You might have to dig through stacks of papers to pay the bills, or maybe you have so many piles of dirty clothes that it feels overwhelming to start the laundry.

Lower Quality of Life

Clutter can easily lead to a nearly constant feeling of frustration as you  struggle  to  complete  daily  tasks. The  time you spend looking  for  objects you  need  or  attempting  to  organize  your items could be time spent with loved ones, doing some self-care, or even just relaxing.


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